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Premium cat food – try the exclusive brands from Biotur!

Biotur provides premium cat food to pharmacies and veterinary offices from exclusive brands such as Very, Chicopee, Prolife and Golosi. Pet food is essential; that’s why Biotur makes quality products available in specialty stores. Your cat deserves the best; that’s why on the site, you will find premium products to improve the quality of little cats.

Cat food should be varied and contain the required protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. A balanced diet is a priority to have a healthy and active cat. Every owner wants his cat to be healthy and live a long life. But how can you be sure that your cat is consuming the five major groups of nutrients? In today’s article, we will present to veterinarians what the cat’s diet should contain and why premium cat food from Biotur is perfect for pets.

Premium cat food – what a cat’s diet should contain

All customers appreciate the premium cat food offered by Biotur, and the veterinary offices that use our products are deeply grateful for the quality of the food.

A proper diet for a cat must contain a lot of protein, especially since they are the primary energy source. Meat is the food that should not be missing from the daily diet of cats, as it contains the three essential elements without which the cat can not survive, namely taurine (an essential nutrient for eyesight and heart), arachidonic acid (an essential nutrient for skin health and furs) and vitamin A (essential for fur and eyesight).

The complete diet of a cat must contain protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins to have a healthy development.

When veterinary offices and pharmacies are supplied with cat food, it must be ensured that the food contains the elements mentioned above. Thus, pets will develop healthily and have the necessary energy every day.

You can also combine dry and wet food. Dry food must contain at least 24% protein and 16% fat, while wet food needs at least 6% protein and 4% fat. You can check the values of all the items in that food on the packaging of each type of food.

Premium cat food – depending on age

The premium cat food offered by Biotur is suitable for all ages. When the teeth are not sufficiently developed, the food for juniors
Adult cats, i.e. after 12 months, need a suitable diet for this period. If they are neutered, cats need more nutrients because their hormone production is declining. Also, the number of calories in food should be reduced because, after castration, cats tend to gain weight.

Dry food is essential for any cat as it is considered the “toothbrush” of cats. This food helps clean cat tartar, a common problem in small cats. Dry food also helps to improve the immune system of cats. Wet food, when served, should be at room temperature. Otherwise, the cat will experience toothache and stomach pain. Also, the cat consumes much of the required water from moist food.

Premium cat food – quality for all customers

All Biotur customers can enjoy premium cat food, suitable for all ages, with both dry and wet food available.

Some cats need exceptional food for various ailments. A product specially designed for cats living in the house is DRIED FOOD FOR PREMIUM CATS EMPTY CAT INDOOR 20KG. It is a complete food for cats sterilized with chicken, salmon and rice. Chicken and salmon are rich sources of amino acids to reduce urinary stones and help maintain muscle tone.

The low magnesium content (0.07%) helps prevent the formation of urinary stones, and cellulose helps eliminate hair follicles.

GENESIS CAT PURE CANADA MY LITTLE FARM KITTEN is specially designed for kittens. Due to its above-average nutrient density, Genesis Pure Canada – My little farm ensures optimal pup growth and meets the high nutrient requirements required for fetal formation and lactation. The easily digestible potato, low-sugar plantain and pumpkin as significant energy suppliers have shown excellent results in the growth phase of young cats. Cranberries and blueberries provide vitality as a basis for a perfect start in cat life.

Healthy foods without cereals. Genesis Pure Canada – My little farm is also suitable for food-sensitive cats due to the deliberate exclusion of grains. The unique selection of carbohydrate sources ensures a low glycemic index. Adding high-quality salmon oil (omega-3 fatty acids) provides smooth skin and a shiny layer.

Biotur is a distributor of PET, VET and DDD products. Our customers are satisfied with the proven promptness, the variety of products and their quality.