Fat cats – help your pet lose weight

Fat cats are becoming more common, especially for owners who raise their pets in the apartment without having contact with the external environment. Thus, the cat does not have the physical activity necessary to maintain an optimal physical condition. Cats tend to eat as much as their owner puts them in the food bowl, regardless of how many times they have eaten in a day. Therefore, it is ideal to offer our cat a balanced diet so that it does not become obese. However, if your cat has gained weight visibly and far above average body weight, then a visit to the vet and the adoption of a cat diet is needed. In this article, we’ll show you everything you need to know about fat cats.

Fat cats – how do we know our cat is obese?

Fat cats will suffer from obesity until they reach average body weight. Obesity is a disease that affects both humans and animals. Most cases of obesity in cats occur in cats that are indoors, without having specific activities such as hunting, fighting for prey or playing.

Fat cats can suffer from various diseases, such as endocrine, metabolic diseases such as diabetes, heart problems, hypertension, bone and joint disorders. Also, a fat cat will not move as he wants, and this immobility will affect his well-being. Feline will become sedentary, without the urge to play or groom.

A visit to the vet is necessary to determine if our cat is obese. It will establish, after several investigations, the body mass index of the cat, taking into account several aspects such as breed, age, sex, neutered or intact, conformation, weight, indoor/outdoor, etc. Below you will see the body mass index values ​​and some features for each category:

– Body mass index 1 – increased visibility of the ribs and spine; non-existent muscle mass
– Body mass index 2 – ribs and spine is easy to see; flat belly; very little muscle mass
– Body mass index 3 – rib and spine are visible; low abdominal fat; the ribs can be easily felt
– Body mass index 4 – pronounced waist; a layer of fat can be seen in the area of ​​the ribs and spine
– Body mass index 5 – visible muscle mass, pronounced waist, thin; the ribs may or may not be visible, with a thin layer of overlapping fat
– Body mass index 6 – ribs and spine feel with difficulty; the waist is thickened; fat deposits at the base of the tail and chest
– Body mass index 7 – thickened waist; the abdomen takes on a round shape
– Body mass index 8 – waist is no longer so visible; the abdomen acquires an accentuated rounded shape; excess fat in the tail, abdomen and chest
– Body mass index 9 – waist is no longer visible; excess abdominal fat; the ribs and spine can no longer be felt by hand

In most cases, obese cats become obese when they do not eat properly, suffer from an illness, are neutered or do not engage in physical activity.

Fat cats – choose the right food for your cat

Fat cats need a proper diet to reach their optimum weight. It is necessary to weigh the cat’s food each time to make sure you give it the right amount. You also need to increase the number of snacks per day, as they are high in calories. The pet owner must stop giving the cat any leftovers from the table. Dry food contains more calories per hundred grams than wet food due to its low moisture content. To ensure your cat is properly fed, you can set a proper meal schedule.

Biotur Shop provides you with the right food for your cat if he suffers from obesity. DIETED CAT FOOD FOR PROLIFE CATS PLIC VET OBESITY 85GR / 22423 is ideal for a cat that needs to lose weight. It is recommended to facilitate weight loss, as it combines adequate levels of vitamins, minerals and protein, helping the body to maintain proper muscle tone and vitality.

Fat cats – follow the feeding schedule

Fat cats need a well-established feeding schedule. The owner of the pet should feed the cat only at set times and should give up any snacks. Cats will ask for food, even when they don’t feel the need. A bowl of water will be needed to distract them. You should ignore any attempt by the cat, even if it is meowing next to you.

The cat food offered by Biotur is suitable for your pet, as it contains all the nutrients necessary for healthy development. In the Chicopee range, Biotur offers three fields:

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