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Dog accessories – give your pet the most fabulous accessories

Biotur provides you with dog accessories suitable for any pet. Your dog deserves to be pampered with the best additions to lead a relaxing and comfortable life.

If you have a dog or plan to take a pet, you need to have the essentials not to lack anything. They must have a bed to rest on, a collar, food bowls, a transport cage for vet visits, and toys. There are many things to keep in mind when having a pet. The accessories must be chosen according to the dog’s breed and his daily activities.

Dog accessories – dog baskets and beds

Dog accessories should be carefully chosen to give your pet the comfort it needs. Dog baskets and beds come in a wide variety, so you need to choose carefully, depending on your dog’s breed. Your dog wants to rest in a comfortable and warm place. You can select a corner of the house for your pet, where he knows that this is his place to sleep. Buy a suitable bed for him and put it where your dog is used to resting. You can choose a soft basket, a durable mattress, or a giant fluffy pillow so that your pet can lie down as he wants. At Biotur Shop, you can choose from various products, from plastic bedspreads to textile bedding. For example, a textile sofa bed is ideal for your pet, being washable and easy to clean. Dogs will have a good night’s sleep in this comfortable sofa bed. You can also choose a wicker bedding suitable for any dog. The edges of the beds have the right height to allow dogs with joint problems to go down or up in the bed. The shape of the bed enables the dog to sit in a nesting position during sleep or rest during the day.

Dog accessories – choose the right collar

Dog accessories are varied, and you need to be prepared with everything you need. An important addition for your quadruped is the collar. It will be worn daily, so it must be chosen carefully. You can also select a medallion with the pet’s name on it and the owner’s phone number. If the dog gets lost, it will be easier to find his house. The collar should not be too tight against the animal’s neck (at least a two-finger space). You can choose a leather collar for dogs, recommended for various activities: training, walking, training. The collar from Biotur Shop is made of the best quality red leather.

Dog accessories – transport cage

Dog accessories also include cages. It is essential to have one for your dog, for visits to the vet, or for the various trips you go and where you need to take your pet.

You can choose from various dog accessories on the Biotur Shop platform, such as a small dog carrier bag. It is a portable bag for transporting small or medium-sized dogs. It is made of super hard nylon, it is a foldable bag and is ideal for transporting dogs on short trips, for participating in dog shows or training courses. The bag is light and practical, with two side windows covered with nylon mesh, thus ensuring efficient ventilation and interior light. The entrance, which is also provided with a blind, is designed for easy access of the dog inside. It also has handy pockets where you can put things like bounty packs for your pet or dry food. It is equipped with strong nylon handles that allow you to carry it in your hand or on your shoulder.

Dog accessories – shampoos

In the accessories section for dogs, we also find special shampoos for pets, perfectly designed for the fur of quadrupeds. Biozoo lavender shampoo eliminates unpleasant odors and provides hydration and toning to the dog’s skin. Your dog will have shiny fur and a pleasant smell. Avoid contact with eyes or ears when washing your pet.

There are many types of dog shampoo, but we must choose one that does not irritate the eyes and does not affect the animal’s skin. Shampoos are recommended to remove external parasites, unpleasant odors, itching, itchy skin or scarring, and disinfection of open wounds. When your dog spends most of his day outside, he should be washed at least once a week.

Dog accessories – toys

Pet toys are also included in the dog accessories category. Dogs need to be able to move to lead an active life. You can choose from the wide range of toys offered by Biotur Shop. You can select a ball in the shape of a vinyl bear’s head, which makes sounds under the pressure of your dog’s teeth. Your dog will be able to play safely with this ball, as it is made of non-toxic materials. Vinyl is an easy-to-clean material so that the toy can be used indoors and outdoors.

Remember that you must also choose a dog food bowl. The stainless steel bowl for adult dogs is fitted with a rubber sleeve for better stability and to prevent slipping during feeding.

On the Biotur Shop platform, you will buy all the necessary accessories for your pet.

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