calciu pentru câini

Calcium for dogs – Importance in the life of quadrupeds

It is necessary to include calcium for dogs in their diet to have a healthy life. But from the first months of life, dogs need nutrients to grow healthy and strong. Dog food should be in a balanced diet to lay the foundations for good physical and mental development. Thus, you have to consider certain aspects when puppies are weaned.

The first months of life are crucial in the development of a puppy. During this period, the chicks are more susceptible and prone to getting sick. If you have a small dog, you need to pay attention to food, hygiene, internal and external deworming, vaccination against infectious diseases and give them calcium and vitamin supplements. Like babies, puppies need help to strengthen their immune system to cope with various diseases, which can worsen and cause their death.

In today’s article, Biotur will explain the importance of calcium in a dog’s diet and what the consequences are if you do not respect the inclusion of certain nutrients in your pet’s diet.

Why it is essential to give calcium to dogs

Pet owners should include calcium for dogs in their diet, as a lack of this nutrient can cause health problems. Calcium intake in dog food is essential for developing skeletal bones, contributing to their growth and strengthening. Calcium is also necessary for:

– A shiny and healthy-looking fur

– Digestion

– Blood coagulation

– Elimination of contractions and relaxation of muscles

– Maintain heart rate

– Release of hormones

– Nerves work well

A balance is needed when it comes to administering calcium to the dog, as any imbalance can cause health problems for the pet (if it is extra – hypercalcemia, if it is minus – hypocalcemia).

Calcium should be administered to dogs based on specific criteria, such as their size or weight. For example, a large dog with too much calcium in its diet will have larger bones but with a lower density, leading to fractures. During lactation, females need more calcium. Pet owners should be careful when administering calcium to dogs. It is recommended that this nutrient be consumed in combination with others, such as phosphorus or vitamin D. In the absence of vitamin D, calcium will not be absorbed into the bones, which means that supplements or a special diet will have no effect.

Calcium for the dog – include in the pet food

Calcium intake for dogs is essential for healthy development. Growing dogs, especially males, need more calcium.

There are food formulas that contain calcium necessary for harmonious development. Dry food adds calcium and phosphorus; it is vital to administer calcium depending on age, physiological condition, etc. It is essential to read the written information on the package each time to see if any added calcium is mentioned. Otherwise, you can take calcium supplements.

Biotur Shop offers rewards for dogs with high calcium content. For example, Biodog Duck Chest Dog Rewards is a complementary dog food as a reward between meals. Also, in case of calcium deficiency in your body, Biotur provides you with CALCIUM BOROGLUCONATE. It is used in paresis and paraplegia (ante- and postpartum), hypocalcemia, tetanus, metabolic disorders, intoxication, allergies, toxicosis, rickets, osteomalacia, hemorrhagic conditions, anaemia, arthropathy, after post-vaccination accidents, dystocia, abortions, vaginal prolapse, caesarean section, enteropathy, in weakened animals, with tachycardia or cardiac arrhythmia, with disorders of spermatogenesis (males). It is used as a general tonic and recommended for horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, fodder, dogs, cats and pigeons. Calcium is contraindicated in hypercalcemia, hypervitaminosis D, calcium kidney stones, and hypercalciuria. Do not use during tonic-cardiac treatment or under conditions of myocardial hyperexcitability (which may cause severe arrhythmias).

Include calcium in your dog’s diet for healthy development

Calcium for the dog is essential for the healthy development of the body. Calcium helps maintain the growth and structure of the bone system. Remember that the ratio of phosphorus to calcium is critical. Most of the time, health problems occur in dogs fed by their owners with homemade food. The variety and inclusion of a calcium intake are essential. The best source of calcium is raw bones. The bones should account for 30-50% of the total food administered for proper administration. If the dog’s food contains a lot of meat, then the proportion of bones should be increased, so that phosphorus and calcium are in balance.

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