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Dog food – what’s best for your pet

Dog food should be chosen carefully, as each pet needs appropriate food for their breed. We find different types of dog food on the market, but we must choose the best option. This choice can be pretty tricky, especially since we have such a wide range of food at our disposal. Thus, in today’s article, we will show you how to choose the best dog food and our recommendation for your pet.

Dog food – essential nutrients for your pet

Dog food should contain the essential nutrients for healthy growth. That’s why when we buy food for our pet, we must be careful to include protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals:

Proteins are important for a healthy growth of our dog and the development of muscles. Large dogs and those who exercise a lot need the necessary protein intake to stay in shape. These nutrients are found in meat and animal products.

Carbohydrates must be present in our dog’s diet, as they provide energy and help the digestive system.

Fats are the most important energy source for dogs and contribute to the assimilation of vitamins and minerals. Omega-3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids belong to the category of these nutrients. We can confidently include carbohydrates in our dog’s diet.

Vitamins and minerals are essential for the healthy growth of our quadruped. We can find them in the food we buy, but you can also use food supplements to increase the intake of vitamins and minerals, especially for older dogs.

Dog food – setting a feeding schedule

Dog food should be chosen carefully, and it is recommended that we establish a feeding program for our pets. It is easier to know exactly when to feed and drink your dog, especially if he needs to be taken for a walk.

Most people work and are not at home during the day. That’s why our schedule also influences the dog’s feeding schedule. We only see our pet in the morning and in the evening most of the time. It is ideal to set up a feeding program for your dog. You can feed your dog twice a day at exact times. You can seek the advice of your veterinarian if you do not know when it is best to provide your dog.

Dog food by size and age

When choosing dog food, we must also consider the age and size of the pet. Each stage of the dog’s development also means diversified food.

There are three types of food for every stage of our pet’s life: junior, adult, and senior. For a junior dog, the period between 6 months and year, food must be chosen carefully because it is growing and needs many vitamins. For an adult dog between one and seven years old, the quadruped needs specific food to help him maintain his energy and vitality. Dog food should also be chosen carefully so that there is no risk of obesity. After the age of 7, your dog is senior, and the diet must be adapted. The food must contain the necessary nutrients that provide a high level of energy and prevent various diseases. Digestive problems are common in older dogs, so it is essential to give them the right food for their needs.

Dog food – how to choose the best option

Dog food can be challenging to choose, as we do not know the best option. We find a wide variety of products on the market, but which one is suitable for our dog?

When we want to buy dog ​​food, we need to consider its age and size and the nutrient intake included in that food. Most of the time, people opt for dry food. Three quality thresholds distinguish this category:

Super Premium food

Super Premium food is the best option for our dog, providing all the nutrients necessary for healthy growth and harmonious development of the quadruped. Biotur recommends CHICOPEE PRO NATURE LINE ADULT. With the help of high-quality protein sources, a balanced recipe has been developed for the unique requirements of dogs with pedigrees. It can be given from the age of one year. The composition of the product includes meat flour with poultry protein (dehydrated), wheat, barley, wheat flour, corn, animal fat, wheat bran, beet pulp (without sugar), fish meat, yeast (dehydrated 0.5% ), hydrolyzed protein, sodium hydrochloride, rice, potassium hydrochloride.

In the Chicopee range, Biotur offers three ranges:

Pro Nature Line – for breeders

Classic nature Line – the most comprehensive range

Holistic Nature Line – top holistic food

Premium food

Premium food is slightly cheaper and lower quality, but it is recommended as dog food. It is ideal to look at the product label to balance nutrients: vitamins, protein, and fat.

Economic food

Economic food is the cheapest, but also the lowest quality. It does not contain meat but only substitutes. This type of dog food is not recommended as it does not bring any nutritional intake to your pet. Also, the gluten content is high, which is not a good thing. Your dog will also eat this type of food, but an inadequate diet can lead to the development of digestive diseases, cancer, or allergies. So, even if you spend less money on this food, visits to the vet will be more frequent, and the costs will be proportional.

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