Cat toys – fun for your pet

Cat toys are essential for your pet, especially if you live in a block of flats and can’t give him the freedom to play with nature. Cats love to play with different accessories, especially from an early age. Toys are suitable for both dogs and cats, as some people find it unnecessary to buy other toys for cats. However, they also need physical and mental stimulation. Many veterinary stores have shelves full of cat toys, but it is essential to choose the most suitable accessories for your non-speaking friend. So, let’s see which toys are best for your cat!

Cat toys – fun every day

You’ve probably had some cat damage: they sharpened their claws on your couch, curtains tear or fouled as the pets tried to climb on it, or tore down a vase, lamp, or flower. If cats stay in the house for a long time and do not have an activity (such as cats that are outside), they will become more agitated and have a lot of accumulated energy that they consume inside the house. Thus, cat toys are the best way for small destroyers to channel their energy.

Play is essential for cats to maintain their physical and mental health, especially for house cats. Cats generally sleep 16 hours a day, but when they are awake, they need stimuli, and the easiest way is to give them toys.

Cats are just like tigers, lions, or other wild cats. Their hunting instinct must not be repressed. Pet owners need to stimulate this innate mechanism. The cat is a hunter, and the ability to jump, crawl, lurk and attack and kill prey must not be stifled. The little cat needs the right toys for her natural behavior.

Play is also great for cats. Many cats become overweight because they have no physical activity. In addition to a proper diet, your cat should stay in shape so as not to become sedentary. This lack of activity can affect the health of your pet.

Which cat toys should you choose?

We are aware that in veterinary shops, and not only, but we also find whole shelves of toys for cats. With such a wide range of accessories, it is quite difficult to determine which toy is suitable for our cat.

Cat toys should be shaped like animals that they can hunt. Thus, toys made of wool, feathers, or synthetic fur mimic or create the feeling of an animal that can be preyed upon. It would help if you also were careful about the toys you buy to not break down into small pieces that can be accidentally ingested.

Toys that are fishing rods are great for your cat. This way, you will be able to spend time with your pet. Another type of toy for cats is mice. It is known from drawings that mice and cats are not friends, so your little cat will be able to practice hunting on that toy to be prepared for a real one. You can play with your pet and any ball that plays the role of prey. The cat stalks her, chases her, and then attacks the “prey.” He throws it in the air, jumps on it, throws it, holds it between his paws, and bites it. Repeat these actions several times until you get bored. This behavior encourages the cat to be more sociable.

Cat toys should be chosen carefully so as not to affect your pet’s health. This way, you should avoid toys with too much fluff, too many small parts that can be ingested, and accessories with metal or sharp details. The balls you buy should be made of rubber or other soft material. If your cat has a favorite toy, you don’t need to buy any more.

Biotur includes a wide range of cat toys. Your pet deserves the best, and we offer you the ideal accessories so that the little cat does not get bored.

Cat toyset of 36 mice – The toy safely satisfies the cat’s prey instinct. This will allow your cat to stay busy during the day without destroying the furniture in the house if it is left unattended. The toy is perfect for mental and physical stimulation, keeping them alert, agile, and healthy.

Flake toy – the pet’s owner will be able to play with his cat while training his hunting instincts.

Laser mouse cat toy – Plastic mouse toy, mouse-shaped, with laser visible from a distance of 1m and up to 3m. The product is made of non-toxic materials and equipped with a keychain ring.

On the Biotur Shop platform, you will find all the right accessories for your pet, from quality food to interactive cat toys that will stimulate them physically and mentally.

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