Congresul Societatii Romane de Medicina Felina

Biotur Romania at the Congress of the Romanian Society of Feline Medicine

Between June 3-4, 2022, Biotur will participate in the Congress of the Romanian Society of Feline Medicine, which will take place in the Danube Delta at the Cormorant complex in Uzlina.

Conferences and workshops on feline medicine will be held over the two days. The Romanian Society of Feline Medicine is a member of AMVAC (Association of Veterinarians for Pets). Among the company’s objectives is affiliation with ISFM (International Society of Feline Medicine), representing support for the training of national and international specialists in feline medicine.

What is the Congress of the Romanian Society of Feline Medicine?

The Congress of the Romanian Society of Feline Medicine is a society that aims to promote international events related to feline medicine. During the two days, veterinarians will learn how to behave with cats to gain their trust when they come to the vet’s offices and the most effective methods of treating little cats. Assistants will even be able to obtain the necessary qualifications to become specialists.

Also, during the Congress, various offices from the country will be present, which will be able to exchange information with each other, emphasising feline medicine.

From this point of view, Biotur’s participation in the Congress was mandatory because, since 1996, Biotur Romania has been a reliable partner of veterinary offices and pharmacies throughout the country.

Biotur partners at the Congress of the Romanian Society of Feline Medicine

At the 8th edition of the Congress of the Romanian Society of Feline Medicine, among the participants, along with Biotur Romania, is also Royal Canin.

Royal Canin is a well-known premium pet food brand preferred by little cats. Dry or moist food provides cats with a balanced and diverse diet, with only ingredients that are beneficial to the healthy development of the pet. During the Congress, Royal Canin will have a unique stand where you will observe the various products for cats and the advantages of natural food, without dyes, artificial flavours of taste and smell or synthetic preservatives.

Biotur Shop offers high-quality PET products for your pet. Cats, and more, deserve our full attention, and that’s why Biotur has focused on distributing your favourite pet products: the best quality food, delicious rewards, accessories tailored to their needs and premium hygiene and cosmetics products.

Why participate in Congress?

The Congress is an event that should not be missed by those who want to learn more about cats. The Congress will be attended by special guests who will address various topics of interest in feline medicine:

– Prof. Univ. Dr Doina Daneș: Latest news in the diagnosis and treatment of Feline Infectious Peritonitis;

– Prof. Univ. Dr Mario Codreanu: Notions of clinical nutrition of feline youth before and after weaning;

– Dr. Călin Șerdean: Congestive heart failure;

– Assoc. Dr Ruxandra Costea: Reducing the anaesthetic risks in the feline patient / How to keep critical patients alive;

– Assoc. Dr Alexandru Vițălaru: The role and importance of phosphorus chelators in cats with chronic kidney disease;

– Dr Florin Leca: The practical approach of the heart patient;

– Dr Rareș Captain (European diploma in dermatology): News on feline allergies. What changes and what remains the same;

– Assoc. Dr Teodoru Soare: Oral diseases frequently encountered in cats – Differential diagnosis and methods of collecting samples;

– Assoc. Dr Viorel Andronie: Pancreatitis in cats;

– Dr Geanina Rasvan Sholtz: The early approach and nutritional support in feline kidney disease.

Biotur is a reliable company supplying high-quality products since 1996 with an impressive portfolio – over 7,500 items of veterinary medicines, para pharmaceuticals, medical instruments, public hygiene products, pet food and accessories, milk substitutes, premixes and feed additives, etc. Biotur products are diverse and have multiple uses but can be grouped as follows: veterinary medicinal products (VET), pet products (PET), products for animal farms and products for disinfection, disinfection and rodent control (DDD).

Biotur Romania aims to ensure animal health and promote veterinary medicine in Romania. For this reason, participating in the Congress of the Society of Feline Medicine is the perfect event for the beginning of summer.