Interzoo 2022

Biotur participates in Interzoo 2022

Biotur is pleased to announce that it will participate in Interzoo 2022, the largest trade fair for the pet industry. From May 24 to 27, 2022, the event will occur in Nuremberg, Germany. Suppliers from the international pet industry from over 60 countries will be present at Interzoo and present pet products and innovative accessories. Interzoo is a world leader and a key source of inspiration for the international pet industry. Trade visitors benefit from an overview of the global market for the latest pet food, pet care products and accessories, dogs, cats, birds, fish and terrarium animals.

Discover Interzoo 2022

Interzoo 2022 is the largest trade fair for pet product suppliers, and Biotur will have the opportunity to discover the newest and most innovative pet products. At Interzoo 2022, you can have your stand or be a simple visitor.

Biotur will participate in this edition of the large-scale Interzoo event to discover the best and most effective products for pets, which Romanian customers can use to give their little ones a healthy and active life. The 36th edition will gather over 2,000 exhibitors, who will present in the 120,000 square meters they have at their disposal premium products for the care of pets (dogs, cats, rodents, fish and other terrarium animals).

About 5% of all food and animal product purchases are made online in Romania. The PET range from Biotur Shop offers premium products for pets, being a reliable distributor operating for over 20 years.

Why participate in Interzoo 2022

If you are part of the pet products industry, then you should not miss the exhibition Interzoo 2022. This international fair allows you to check the global market regarding the PET industry.

Reasons to participate in Interzoo 2022:

– It is an international fair where over 60 countries will participate, having the opportunity to discover the latest products for the optimal development of pets. Figures for 2018 show that Interzoo has been the most extensive international pet products fair for more than 60 years.

– There will be a variety of topics, such as equestrian sports, pet food technology and shop fittings. Products for small mammals, birds and dogs are also available.

Interzoo Nuremberg’s meeting place for all pets receives approximately 39,000 business visitors from over 120 countries.

– Exhibitors can grow their export business worldwide and be more resilient to economic fluctuations. Interzoo is an attractive option for specialist trade in Europe, Germany and other parts of the world.

– As an exhibitor at Interzoo 2022, you have the opportunity to meet key partners who will help you grow your business. Interzoo is a great opportunity to showcase and delight new customers with your pet innovations.

The 2018 edition was attended by over 39,000 visitors from 126 countries who could enjoy new information about pets presented by the 1,900 exhibitors. The fair offers a strong PR platform with over 390 media representatives from 29 countries and extensive media coverage.

Biotur the Interzoo 2022

Biotur is delighted to participate in Interzoo 2022, where it will have the opportunity to discover the latest news from the world of pets. On the Biotur Shop platform, you can buy premium food for dogs or cats, accessories, and effective medicines to treat various animal diseases.