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Dandruff in dogs

Dandruff in dogs is a problem that pets, not just humans, face. It is unsightly and unpleasant, but the animal does not suffer in most cases. Dandruff indicates dry skin or is affected by various internal parasites or the appearance of certain internal diseases. It is essential that when we notice dandruff in dogs, we should not ignore this aspect and try to treat it as soon as possible.

What is dandruff in dogs?

Dandruff in dogs is a flake of dry, flaky skin and looks unsightly on the animal’s fur. Most often, the affected areas of the pet are the neck, back, and tail. In dogs with dark fur, dandruff will be noticed immediately, given that dandruff is white. Dandruff is not always a sign of a specific condition, but sometimes it can indicate a much more severe and profound problem.

Dandruff occurs when the sebaceous glands, which are responsible for producing oils that protect and nourish the skin, create a much more considerable amount of oils. This excess oil can damage the skin and cause it to flake off, as the skin cells are replaced much faster than normal.

Dandruff in dogs – causes

Dandruff in dogs occurs due to an inadequate diet, which does not include the necessary nutrients or good quality. The dog needs premium food to have healthy fur and skin. Your pet’s diet should contain essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 and 6 for healthy skin. These acids cannot be synthesized internally by dogs, so they must be included in their food. Biotur Shop provides you with quality food, such as SUPER PREMIUM CHICOPEE PRO NATURE LINE ADULT DRY FOOD FOR DOGS, which contains high-quality protein, suitable for adult dogs of all breeds with a high level of activity. Protein is essential for your pet, as dogs use 30% of their daily protein intake to grow and develop, so protein should be part of their daily diet.

Dandruff in dogs can also be caused by the environment in which they live. Pets shed at certain times of the year, which is an entirely normal process. However, if the environment they come from is extremely hot or cold, this can trigger skin reactions and interrupt the production of the oil, which can cause dandruff. A humid environment can excessively dry the dog’s skin. Last but not least, dandruff in dogs can be caused by parasites. Lice feed on skin cells and blood, and ticks can cause dandruff because they live in the animal’s fur and irritate the skin. Therefore, external deworming of dogs is recommended, as the pet may suffer from itching and excessive scratching, which may irritate the skin and cause hair loss.

Dandruff in dogs – symptoms

Dandruff in dogs can be easily detected in dogs with dark fur. The dog’s skin will look dry, irritated or inflamed. In the pet’s fur, you will notice white foams, which can be taken on the dog’s bed or even on clothes. In severe cases, excessive hair loss can be seen throughout the body and have areas where the hair has completely disappeared. The dog will also start scratching and will suffer from itching. Dandruff most often occurs in medium-haired and long-haired dogs.

Dandruff in dogs – How can I solve this problem?

Dandruff in dogs can be easily noticed, and it is recommended that you go with your pet and your veterinarian to find out if they are suffering from other skin problems. Dandruff is common in pets. It would be best if you made sure that your environment was at a comfortable temperature. Also, don’t forget that nutrition plays a key role, so give her a high-protein, nutritious diet to have healthy skin and fur. Biotur also provides you with quality shampoos specially designed for dogs. For example, Puppy Luxury Beauty Case Dog Shampoo is suitable for cleansing and moisturizing puppies’ fur and sensitive skin.

BIOZOO shampoo is also a dermatological shampoo for dogs with sensitive skin. It contains citrus bioflavonoids and natural ingredients that provide beneficial properties for animal skin.

Your dog deserves quality products that will give him a healthy life and no visits to the vet. Biotur is here for you with products suitable and designed especially for pets. We only distribute what is best for your four-legged friend!