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Catnip – the benefits for cats

Catnip is the favourite plant of all cats, from tigers or panthers to cute cats. Pets are crazy about this fragrant plant, which awakens their senses. This plant has positive effects on them, being able to calm even the most energetic and restless cats. This cat herb works as a drug, and you will notice a change in your pet’s behavior after you smell this plant. Many people choose to buy catnip from pet shops or veterinary pharmacies because of the calming effects of this plant. Let’s see what cat grass is and what the beneficial effects are on little cats.

What is catnip?

Catnip, or Nepeta cateria (scientific name), is a perennial plant that is part of the mint family, found in areas of Europe or Asia. Many people know this plant by its English name catnip. In Latin, cataria means “of a cat,” which means this plant is intended mainly for cats.

The cat’s grass has an average height of one meter, the leaves being similar to mint. The flowers are small and grow only on the top, pink or white with shades of purple.

There are several species of catnip, about 250. The most common and known are:

– Nepeta cataria

– Nepeta camphorate – white flowers with purple dots

– Nepeta parnassica (Greek catnip)

– Nepeta cataria citriodora – the leaves of the plant have an intense lemon aroma

– Nepeta mussinii (Persian catnip)

Cat grass is a plant adored by almost all cats; only 20-30% of them do not react to the olfactory signals of mint.

Catnip – the beneficial effects on cats

Catnip has a pleasant lemon and mint scent, and thanks to non-nepetalactone essential oil, cats instantly love this plant. The substance that causes calming effects on cats mimics feline happiness hormones and stimulates the brain’s nerve centers that react to these stimuli. Many people who have cats in the apartment choose to buy this plant, which can be found in pots or sachets, because little cats become more docile and calm and do not spoil things around the house. It works like a drug but without severe side effects like humans. It is not addictive, and the impact of this plant last about 10 minutes. At the mere smell of the plant, cats behave differently, sometimes chaotically, to meow, roll on the floor, lie on their backs with their feet up, or play with the plant. Catnip is safe for all cats, but kittens will not feel the effects of this plant as well. Cats begin to develop this sensitivity to catnip after 6 or 7 months when they reach sexual maturity.

Catnip can be used to train cats to help pets adjust to a new one or bed. People can also use this plant to keep cats away from couches or other places they used to scratch. The catnip can be sprinkled on the litter box to get the cat used to the area. Cat grass is not dangerous for cats and can be used with confidence by all pet owners. You can even grow this plant in a pot. It must be protected from the sun’s rays. You can spread a few leaves of the cat’s grass around the house to allow the cat to go into euphoria. Also, the cat will have a more intense activity and will not be in danger of becoming an overweight cat.

Catnip – Dangerous for pets?

Catnip is not dangerous for cats, as it is not addictive and is not toxic to pets. This plant can also be used as a mosquito repellent. You can plant the plant in a pot. Catnip can also be found in toys created especially for cats. Pets can eat fresh or dried catnip. In any case, the effects will be as expected. Cat grass is a natural product and contains nutrients such as folic acid.

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