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Cat accessories

Cat accessories are essential for your pet, whether cat furniture, toys, or feline hygiene products. Cats deserve to be pampered. Thus, on the Biotur Shop platform, you will find all the essential items for your cat.

Cat care accessories

Cat care accessories are varied and include food or water bowls, litter boxes, litter shovels.

Litter for cats

Cat litter is an accessory that cannot be missed in those who keep cats in the house. Litters can be of different shapes and sizes: covered, uncovered, automatic, small, large, or low. To choose the best litter box for our cat, we must consider its size, age, and health. If the cat is a puppy, a small, low litter box is perfect for the little cat. Also, if the cat uses the litter from an early age, the adjustment process will be much faster. Low litter is also recommended for elderly cats in poor health, as they may have pain and difficulty getting into a high litter.

Uncoated litter is ideal for cats who regularly use a litter box. The unpleasant smell will remain inside the litter, and there will be no more sand spreading around the house. However, the litter discovered is preferred by most cat owners, as cats can move freely without feeling cramped. If it is an adult, it is recommended that the length of the litter be the length of the cat plus a half.

Automatic cat litter can be pretty expensive, and your pet can be frightened by the automatic mechanism. Such a litter can also be quite inconvenient, as some require a specific type of substrate.

The number of litter in the house is determined by the number of cats we have. It is ideal to have a spare litter, just in case. The location of the litter box is also quite important. Most people choose to put the litter in the bathroom to avoid spreading the unpleasant odor throughout the house. However, we must not forget that it will be difficult for us to put a more spacious bunk bed in a small bathroom, and the sand will be harder to dry if there is a lot of steam in the room. Today we can find different types of litter sand that will absorb the unpleasant odor instantly. So we can put the litter anywhere in the house, without worrying about the smell.

Bowls for food and water

Bowls for food and water for cats cannot be missing from any pet house. Every cat should have its bowl. The bowls should be neither too small nor too large. It is preferable to be a little deeper. The shape of the bowls can be different: oval, square, round, or in the form of a fish, star, or bird. The bowls can be made of plastic, metal, or ceramic. Ceramic bowls are recommended by veterinarians, as the food is better preserved and easy to clean.

You can also buy cat food and water dispenser on the Biotur Shop platform. This way, with this cat accessory, your pet can eat and drink water at will until the containers need to be refilled. The feeder keeps food dry and appetizingly fresh. You can adjust each portion of food.
The water dispenser always provides fresh water and keeps the water level constant.

Cat litter sand

Cat litter sand is essential when we have a litter box in the house. We can choose litter sand that aggregates or one that does not aggregate.

The aggregate litter sand is the one that allows the extraction of faeces and urine without changing the entire amount of sand. With the help of a substance called bentonite or fiber-based substances, the sand forms a solid aggregate when it absorbs moisture. Once the sand has aggregated, we can quickly shovel the cat’s needs with a shovel, leaving the sand clean and untouched.

Non-aggregating litter sand can absorb cat urine and control the unpleasant odour caused by urine. If the litter is not cleaned regularly, urine will collect on the bottom of the litter. Thus, changing the litter sand several times and washing it at least once a week is necessary. Therefore, we recommend the sand from Biotur Shop Silica Gel Figaro, as the sand aggregates and you will not have problems with the unpleasant smell caused by urine or cat faeces.

Cat accessories – toys

Cat accessories are essential for your pet. Toys are vital for your cat to have an active lifestyle, especially if you live in a block of flats and do not have the space provided by a garden. You can also buy a toy for your kitten so that he can play from the first weeks. It is also a good idea for your pet to have at least one toy not to use the couch or armchairs to sharpen his fingernails. Curtains are the favourite of cats. Some of the cats are crazy about climbing on curtains. Therefore, a toy mouse or a pole for sharpening kennels are suitable for any home.

From the Biotur Shop platform, you have a wide range of toys for your cat from which you can choose. For example, you can buy a set of eight raffia balls. The toy satisfies the cat’s prey instinct safely. This will allow your cat to stay busy. The raffia balls are perfect for mental and physical stimulation, keeping them alert, agile and healthy. Whether the owner is at home or not, with the right toy, the kitten will not get bored.

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