Canvac - imunizare caini

Canvac – for active immunization of dogs

Biotur offers veterinary offices and veterinarians Canvac, an effective ally against infectious hepatitis, infectious laryngotracheitis, parvovirus and parainfluenza. The vaccine contains attenuated viruses after reconstitution and is designed to ensure the complete immunization of dogs. The vaccination scheme with Canvac can be started at six weeks against Carre disease, Infectious Hepatitis, Parvovirus and Parainfluenza.

Vaccination of pets in the first months of life is essential. During this period, the animals come into contact with the outside world and different viruses and microbes. If you have pets, don’t forget to perform external and internal deworming.

Canvac – when is the vaccination done?

Vaccination with Canvac is done from the age of 6 weeks against Carre disease, Infectious Hepatitis, Parvovirus and Parainfluenza in dogs, canids, mustelids and fur animals. Veterinarians recommend not using the vaccine in case of acute infectious diseases, febrile and organic diseases, and detection of adverse reactions or allergies after previous vaccinations and after stressful situations (transportation, high environmental temperatures). Do not use bitches in an advanced stage of pregnancy and immediately after calving.

What does the Canvac vaccine contain?

Each one ml dose of Canvac lyophilized vaccine and solvent for suspension for injection for dogs contains:
– Lyophilized component:
– Active substances:
• Attenuated Carre’s disease (canine fever) virus (D, strain Ondesport), … 102.7- 104.5 EID50
• Attenuated canine infectious laryngotracheitis virus (CAV2, Toronto strain) 103.5- 107.5 CCID50
• Attenuated canine parvovirus virus (CPV2 strain T-86) ……………………………. 102.1- 103.6 HAU
• Attenuated canine parainfluenza virus (CPIV- strain BT 01-86) ………………….. 103.0- 106.0 CCID50
• EID50 – 50% infectious dose for chick embryos.
• CCID50 – 50% infectious dose for cell cultures.
• UHA – hemagglutination units.
– Liquid component – bottle with solvent:
– Excipients: water for injections 1 ml.

Dog vaccination schedule – the importance

The dog vaccination schedule is essential for the healthy development of these pets. Most veterinary practices administer the Canvac vaccine. Biotur distributes this product throughout the country and guarantees its effectiveness.

The vaccination schedule for dogs starts at 6-8 weeks, and they should be vaccinated every 2-3 weeks. The last vaccine will be given no earlier than 12 weeks.

The standard vaccination schedule is against canine distemper, adenovirus, parainfluenza virus, and rabies virus. At the doctor’s recommendation, other optional vaccines can be given: against Bordetella (kennel cough), Lyme disease and Leptospirosis. Depending on the environment in which you live and the risk factors, your veterinarian will decide if the optional vaccines are also necessary. Dogs that are used to spending most of their time in nature must have the vaccines against Lyme disease, transmitted by tick bites, Leptospirosis (a bacterial infection that can be caught from water infected with the urine of mammals carrying the bacteria) and Bortadella disease or whooping cough dry (in severe cases it can lead to serious lung damage).

Vets warn pet owners that there may be adverse reactions to the vaccine, such as fever, pain at the injection site and vomiting. If, after 48 hours, they do not disappear, then you must see the emergency veterinarian.

Suppose you adopt an adult dog with no vaccination history. In that case, a multivalent vaccine will be administered, followed 3-4 weeks later by a booster that includes the multivalent and anti-rabies vaccine. The vaccination will be repeated one year after the last vaccine. Likewise, sick dogs with a much below average weight or pregnant bitches are not vaccinated. After finishing the vaccination scheme, it is necessary to administer an annual multivalent and anti-rabies vaccine to ensure that the dog’s health is not in danger.

For more information about the compulsory vaccination scheme for dogs, Biotur recommends that you seek the advice of your veterinarian.

Canvac – your ally from Biotur

Biotur provides veterinary offices with the best products for treating various ailments of pets. Also available is the Canvac vaccine, which is effective against infectious hepatitis, infectious laryngotracheitis, parvovirus and parainfluenza.

Biotur is a distributor of PET, VET AND DDD products. Our customers are satisfied with the proven promptness, variety of products, and quality.