supliment alimentar pentru stimularea poftei de mâncare

Food supplements to stimulate appetite in dogs and cats – Nutri Plus Gel

Biotur offers Nutri Gel, a food supplement for boosting the appetite of dogs and cats, to veterinary practices and specialty stores.

Pets need certain supplements, which they cannot get from their daily food. Just as humans take certain supplements, animals need certain nutrients for their health and vitality. We want to offer the best to our little friends; that’s why we use food supplements to increase their appetite to maintain joint and bone metabolism. There are also supplements for skin and silky, healthy, shiny fur. These are very important to administer to pets, as the skin acts as an integrated organ linked to other body systems, such as immunity, kidneys, liver, nervous, digestive and endocrine systems. Various skin conditions can occur, such as folliculitis in dogs, dandruff or dermatophytosis in cats.

The immunity of dogs and cats must be strong to fight against infections and diseases that can endanger the animal’s life. Biotur offers products specially designed to support the immune system and protect cells against stress. Vitamin C helps the functions of the immune system, so you need to make sure it is part of your pet’s diet.

Appetite supplements in dogs and cats – when are they needed?

Dietary supplements to stimulate appetite in dogs and cats are necessary, regardless of the pet’s breed. Four-legged friends can lose their appetite for various reasons, but we don’t have to panic. If you notice specific symptoms in your dog or cat, you should see your veterinarian for a complete evaluation. There are specific critical periods when the pet can lose its appetite. That’s why Biotur will give you some reasons for this loss of appetite of your puppy or cat. We will also recommend some food supplements and premium food to support your pet’s health.

Lack of appetite in dogs can be a sign that the animal is suffering from an illness you may not be aware of. That’s why we recommend a visit to the veterinarian for more investigations, especially if the lack of appetite continues for several days.

Also, the lack of appetite can occur due to specific changes in the pet’s life, such as a change of environment, home or the appearance of new members in the family or a new puppy. Most of the time, dogs will get used to the recent changes after a few days, but if you are worried, you can use some supplements to increase their appetite.

The dog may also have problems with its appetite after undergoing surgery or after you have administered drug treatment.

Some dogs may have a poor appetite simply because they are “gluttons,” mainly if you have accustomed them to a specific type of food.

For those who have dogs that are pickier about their food, Biotur offers Golosi Dog premium dry food, chicken, beef, fish and rice for adult dogs from 12 months.

The cat can lose its appetite due to several factors, such as toothache, abdominal pain, internal parasites, diabetes, a cold or other life-threatening conditions. Veterinarians have noticed that small cats can also lose their appetite due to stress, change in diet, environment or digestive system diseases. So, you should not ignore the cat’s behavioural changes and schedule a visit to the veterinarian for more investigations. Also, like dogs, cats can have problems with their appetite if they have undergone surgery or been given medication.

Food supplements to stimulate appetite in dogs and cats – the solution offered by Biotur

In addition to premium food, Biotur offers veterinary practices and specialty stores food supplements to stimulate the appetite of dogs and cats. One such product is Nutri Plus Gel, a pleasant, high-energy food supplement for dogs and cats that are not eating or hydrating. The Nutri-Plus gel contains vitamins, minerals and essential elements. It can be given to dogs that require a high energy level, for example, young, fast-growing dogs, hunting dogs, working dogs or pregnant and lactating bitches. Nutri Plus Gel is also used to stabilize and help pets recover from illness or surgery, stimulate their appetite and improve their skin and coat. Nutri Plus gel can be given as food, administered directly into the pet’s mouth or placed on the pet’s paws so they can swallow it while licking their paws!