Biotur Congres Amvac 2022


AMVAC, the Association of Veterinary Doctors for Pets, will organize the most important event between November 17-19, 2022, in Sinaia, at the Casino Conference Center dedicated to the veterinary field in Romania. Biotur, as we are already used to, will be one of the prominent participants in the scientific congress, bringing to the fore the products of the companies in its portfolio.

The benefits of participating in this event consist not only of the opportunity to bring together essential companies in the veterinary product market but also of the chance to provide doctors, students and the general public with solid information about the latest developments in the field, contributing to Medical Education (E.C.) that AMVAC supports.

AMVAC provides you with the essential information for participation on its website, including prices, accommodation, the congress program and the rooms dedicated to each event.

BIOTUR at AMVAC Congress

Biotur, one of the largest and most influential companies in Romania, will delight both existing collaborators and potential customers with a considerable range of PET, VET, FARM and DDD products. The main novelties will come from the manufacturers: Dechra Pharmaceuticals, Bela-Pharm, Dyntec, Syva Laboratorios and Chanelle Pharma.

For example, Dechra Pharmaceuticals will develop a vital product for dogs, TREATMENT OF HEART FAILURE DOGS CARDISURE SYRUP 3.8 MG*42ML, based on Pimobendan, which Biotur offers to customers in a promo variant.

If Bela-Pharm (Germany) rightly boasts KETABEL (KETAMINA) MULTISPECIES INJECTABLE SOLUTION 25 ML, Dyntec will present itself with CANVAC DHPPI 25 DOSES, and Syva Laboratorios with ALZANE 10 ML.

Finally, Chanelle Pharma will bring a series of internal and external anti-parasitics, such as FIPROKILL CAT 50 MG SPOT-ON EXTERNAL ANTI-PARASITIC FOR CATS or EXTERNAL ANTI-PARASITIC FOR DOGS 10-20 KG FIPROKILL DOG ​​”M”.

Why AMVAC and, especially, why BIOTUR?

As the AMVAC website promises, the program will be varied, emphasizing MEDICAL EDUCATION – so crucial for the well-being of our animals, crops and the development process. Moreover, AMVAC will have sessions supported by specialists in the field, maintaining a high level of the event’s quality.

Thus, knowledge will be combined with the practical side of veterinary medicine, more precisely with what Biotur can offer to those interested in premium products from the PET, VET, FARM and DDD categories.