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Horse shampoo

Horses are noble animals that attract the viewer’s admiration by their appearance alone. They are undoubtedly among the most beautiful and graceful creatures living in close relationships with humans. Symbolizing courage, the horse is one of man’s most loyal friends. The horse needs a lot of attention, care and affection from the human for their relationship to strengthen, and horse lovers know how to treat them to feel special.

If you are among the horse lovers, admire them and want to give them all the care they need to bring out their natural beauty, then one of the most critical aspects of care focuses on the appearance of their hair. Indeed, horse owners spend a lot of time grooming their horses’ hair, which requires a specialized shampoo.

At Biotur, we offer the best range of horse care. The horse shampoo is part of the range for hygiene, cosmetics and maintenance for horses, where you can find products based on Aloe Vera and Biotin. These products have multiple benefits at the level of the hair protective film, as well as immediate visible effects.

Horse shampoo – benefits

Horse shampoo is essential for the regular hygiene of this animal. However, since horses’ skin is sensitive and prone to irritation, it is recommended to use a shampoo based on natural ingredients that are gentle and effective to ensure good skin and hair care. Plant extracts contain different nutrients to prevent hair loss and bring an exceptional shine.

Horse shampoo nourishes the epidermis, moisturizing the skin, making the hair shinier, and stopping falling out. The special formula with biotin and aloe vera nourishes and reconstitutes the hair’s protective film, revitalizing and facilitating weaving. Thanks to the components in sodium laurylethersulfate, cocoamidopropyl betaine, cocoadiethanolamide (surfactants – detergents), it dissolves and emulsifies the dirt in the washing liquid.

How to use it?

Horse shampoo is only used externally after wetting the hair with warm water and then applying the product. After 5-10 minutes of action, it is removed by repeated rinsing with warm water, then dry the hair with a towel or warm air. It is recommended that the animal be kept in a warm room until the hair is completely dry. When using shampoo, it is necessary to avoid direct contact with the eyes and sensitive areas.

The importance of horse shampoo

Anyone who is an avid rider and/or horse owner knows that caring for these beautiful animals is very important to their well-being. Cleaning your hair and skin of dust, dirt and sweat keeps it healthy and prevents more difficult-to-treat skin conditions. In fact, although we are under the impression that only humans deal with dandruff, even horse hair can be affected by dandruff, causing itchiness and skin irritation. Also, along with proper hygiene, horse shampoos make their hair shiny.

For example, at a horse show, each specimen is considered beautiful because of the hair’s shine and because the animal has been well cared for in every way. Both stud owners and equestrian enthusiasts are encouraged to pay attention to the hygiene of their horses, as washing and weaving are very relaxing and pleasant activities for horses, solidifying the bond between horse and rider.

Horse shampoos from Biotur are indicated for all animal lovers or stud owners who want to keep their horses in the best possible condition, with the most pleasant appearance and the shiniest and clean hair.