Transportul animalelor cu avionul

Travelling with your pet – what you need to know

If you want to know more about transporting pets by plane, read this article carefully. We will provide you with all the necessary information you need to know if you want to travel with your pet. There are several rules that must be followed to avoid various problems when boarding. Some of us find it difficult to break up with our pet, or we may not have anyone to leave him with if we go on an extended vacation. Therefore, it is possible to travel with your dog, cat or any other pet, as long as all the rules required by law are observed.

Transporting pets by plane – conditions

Have you thought about going on a vacation but don’t want to leave your dog at home alone? Then it is essential to know the rules for transporting pets by plane. Some pets become very attached to their owners, and the fact that they can stay away from them, even for a few days, can affect their emotional well-being. Therefore, if you plan a vacation that involves traveling by plane, there is no problem. Your pet may be with you, but it’s a good idea to consider all the airline flight details to avoid any issues. Every element is essential, from the pet documents to the size and type of cage it will be transported. The rules may differ depending on the airline. Some companies impose a limit on the number of animals that can travel by plane, and others may prohibit their transport, except for guide dogs for the visually impaired.

Transporting pets by plane – what you need to consider before the flight

To avoid problems with the transport of pets by plane, the documents are the ones checked for the first time. Under European Union law, pets must have an identification chip when travelling abroad. They must also have the rabies vaccine, and quadrupeds must have a passport issued by a veterinarian. The vaccine should be given before the date of microchipping. When the vaccine is given, the pet may not be less than 12 months old. If you are travelling to the UK, Ireland, Sweden or Finland, your pet must be dewormed. Some airlines do not accept pet transportation during the summer. Each airline has its own rules, so you need to know beforehand.

Transport of pets by plane – cage

For transporting pets by air, you must keep in mind that your pet must have a special cage authorized by the airlines. Thus, depending on the dog’s size, the cage must be large enough for the pet to get up and turn around.

In the cabin or the cargo hold?

This question is significant when you want to travel with your pet. Depending on the size of the quadruped, it can be taken in the cockpit or brought to the luggage compartment. It can be an unpleasant experience, especially if the flight is long. You can leave your favourite toy or blanket in your dog’s cage. Some airlines allow pets to stay with their owners in the cabin if their weight does not exceed 6 – 8 kg. Also, if you visit the UK, your pet can only be carried in hold baggage, according to state rules. Only small dogs and cats are permitted to enter the cabin. Some airlines may refuse to let them board and instead ship them in a heated and ventilated hold. Do not be concerned; cats and dogs like to go this way since it is quieter and may sleep in a gloomy atmosphere.

What kind of animal transport bags are accepted on the plane?

If you want to travel by plane with your pet, you need a transport cage that complies with the requirements of IATA (International Air Transport Association). Passengers who meet IATA requirements and those specific to the airline can transport animals by plane without any problem. The minimum IATA requirements for a carrying case are as follows:

– The cage must have a rigid, solid and waterproof base

– In most cases, air operators require that the floor be covered with absorbent materials (mats, pet pads)

– The sidewalls of the cage must allow free air circulation inside the bag for adequate ventilation

– The cage must have a secure locking system to prevent the pet from leaving the cage during the entire journey (zippered travel bags are recommended).

– The transport cage must fit under the passenger seat, and the pet must remain there throughout the journey

– The dimensions of the cage must correspond to those of the pet, for the flight to be a pleasant one and for four-legged

Biotur provides you with cages that comply with IATA requirements and meet all air transport standards. SKUDO 6 cages are ideal for transporting animals by plane, train or car. The cage is equipped with a “dual control” safety lock, a solid steel door with side holes for proper air circulation, a rotating handle for the trolley version, and retractable and extendable. The cage is made of very durable plastic for medium and large dogs. Also included are clamps for better door fastening and eight screws that can be secured in the side locking holes. Optionally, wheels can be attached via a straightforward mounting system. The grilled door can be completely dismantled and thus turn the cage into a place to relax and sleep. Place a soft blanket in the cage, and the dog will feel super comfortable.

Transporting pets by plane – travel safely with your pet

Transportation of pets by plane is possible. Almost all airlines allow you to leave on all fours to not leave you alone at home. It is not difficult to travel with your pet as long as the European rules are followed:

– your pet must have a microchip implanted under the skin

– health card

– passport for animals, issued by the veterinarian
– valid rabies vaccine

On the Biotur Shop platform, you will be able to purchase transport cages that comply with IATA requirements.