Pesti Guppy

Guppy Fish – Care Tips

Guppy fish is the best-known fish species in the aquarium and are easy to maintain. Therefore, they are recommended for those who want to buy an aquarium for the first time. They belong to the family Poeciliidae. Aquarists prefer this species, as it multiplies rapidly, and extraordinary specimens can be created if there are crosses. The particular colour of these fish also makes them attractive for children. The beautifully coloured tail, which is distinguished by the shape of the fans, is a characteristic of males. Also, Guppy fish do not grow very much, reaching 2-3 cm maturity. This species of fish will bring colour to your aquarium.

Guppy fish – helpful information about this species of fish

Guppy fish is a very friendly fish species and are easy to care for. If you plan to buy fish for the aquarium, Guppy live in-jokes, so buying more than five specimens is advisable. Otherwise, they will feel lonely, which can harm them. Guppy fish can be pretty stressful for other fish, as they tend to follow the others in the aquarium without breaking them. Guppies are also easy prey, so it is not advisable to let them live with other more aggressive fish. You can put Molli, Xifo, or other minor species in the aquarium. Betta fish are a territorial species and cannot be kept with Guppy fish due to their aggressive behaviour.

Guppy fish are native to South America, being found in the waters of the Amazon, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago or the Caribbean. Over time, they have come to populate the fresh waters of the tropical English colonies in Indonesia, Madagascar and the Mediterranean basin.

Guppy Fish – Female vs male

There are some differences between Guppy fish, depending on their sex. The length of the males is between 3 and 4 cm, and the females are slightly larger, measuring 5-6 cm. Also, the unique colour is found in both sexes, the females are usually grey with shades of yellow or yellow-green, and the edge of the scales is darker in colour. Males are distinguished by large, colourful spots on the body, and the edges of the fins are bright. Anyone could tell the difference between males and females because of certain unmistakable traits.

Guppy fish – breeding

Guppy fish are viviparous. What does this thing mean? Viviparous fish are the ones that give birth to live chicks. This fish species do not breed by spawning but gives birth to live chicks in aquariums. Some fish that give birth to live chicks most of the time eat them, so it is advisable to separate them after birth. You can take your parents out of the aquarium or place a maternity sink in the aquarium. Biotur Shop provides you with maternity for Guppy fish, which is fixed inside the aquarium. Guppy fish reach maturity at the age of 3 months. It is advisable to buy a large, spacious and very well oxygenated aquarium.

Guppy fish – preparing the aquarium

A suitable aquarium for Guppy fish is a large one, about 30-40 litres, as they need space. The rule is this: a 5 cm fish needs 6 litres of water, so five to seven fish need at least 30 litres. Be careful when reproducing them so as not to overcrowd the aquarium. To maintain water quality, you need to change the water once a week. You can remove the water with a hose, and with a cloth, you will clean the walls of the aquarium, to remove the algae that have settled on the walls of the aquarium. Once you have thoroughly cleaned the aquarium, you can fill it with water at room temperature, as Guppy fish are not resistant to sudden changes in temperature.

Guppy fish – food

Guppy fish are omnivorous animals and are not demanding food species. In speciality stores, you can find the ideal food for this species. Fish can be fed spirulina flakes, spinach, lettuce, dried fish food, pond fleas, etc. Guppies do not need a large amount of food per day, as excess food can make them sick. It is ideal for feeding them 3 or 4 times a day in small amounts. On the Biotur Shop platform, you can buy quality dry food for Guppy fish. TROPICAL GUPPY is enriched in sea salt, which positively affects electrolytes and osmotic pressure, which directly affects the rate of pregnancy, labour and survival rate. It contains ingredients of plant origin, including spirulina which regulates digestive processes. Also, the high intake of optimally balanced proteins and vitamins and chemical elements ensures constant growth and an excellent state of health.

In conclusion, if you want to buy an aquarium, the Guppy fish species is ideal for beginners in aquariums.