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Betta fish – everything you need to know about their care

Betta fish are a species of Siamese fighting fish, territorial and impressive colour, perfect for those who want to have these pets. They are ideal for those who wish to have a fish aquarium for the first time. Don’t worry. Don’t worry, even if you don’t know much about this species, don’t worry. We will explain how to take care of Betta fish so that you do not have problems in their care.
Betta fish – some helpful information about this species of fish

Betta fish (scientific name -Betta splendens) is a fish species with a colourful appearance and a strong personality. Betta fish originate in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and part of China. This fish species is found in rice fields, ponds, quiet waters or swamps. As humans develop this passion for aquariums, Betta fish are being bred in captivity by both owners and breeders. A special and unique thing about Betta fish, which distinguishes it from other species, is the presence of a special organ called the labyrinth organ, through which it takes oxygen from the air. Breathing through the gills is insufficient, requiring an aquarium with easy access to the surface.

The name fighting fish comes from the fights organized between men, just like the fights between roosters. Thus, fights are scheduled with Betta males, known for their aggression. People invest in raising this fish species, as they win considerable amounts of bets.

Betta fish has a beautiful, intense colour that catches the eyes of buyers. Betta females are less colourful and have shorter wings. When found in the wild, Betta fish are not found in such a wide variety of colours. As they grew in captivity, other colours appeared in this fish species, such as yellow, white, blue, turquoise, brown, green, and black. Fish in two colours or different patterns on the body’s surface were also obtained.

The body shape of Betta fish, both males and females, is torpedoed, and their mouths are turned to eat on the surface. Mature Betta females are smaller than males, reaching 2-3 cm.
It is a species appreciated by most who want to have an aquarium, but there are certain things you should consider when buying a Betta fish.

Betta fish – how do we take care of this species of fish?

Betta fish can be found in pet shops, displayed in small, simple bowls without much decoration. It is advisable to buy a 20-litre aquarium to give the fish the space they need to swim. Also, with an aquarium of this size, you will not have to clean the tank too often when the water gets dirty.
It is advisable to keep a constant temperature of 23-32 degrees in the aquarium you will have, as it is a tropical fish. Betta fish is a predatory fish, so you can put some algae in the aquarium where it will live to recreate the environment from which it comes. Betta fish mostly eat mosquito larvae, dragonfly larvae, brine shrimp, daphnia, plankton, tubifex, worms and beef heart, and other insects. We recommend that you take frozen or live food from speciality stores.

On the Biotur Shop platform, you can find quality Betta fish food, such as Tropical Betta. It is a staple food for this species of fish, the unique composition of flakes, being extremely tasty for Betta fish, due to the composition based on molluscs and crustaceans, including krill and squid. Also, the high protein content with vitamins, optimally balanced and trace elements ensure excellent health. Contains natural carotenoids, including colour-enhancing astaxanthin.

The pH of the aquarium water should be neutral, slightly acidic. Filters are optional, as water circulation is recommended to be kept minimum.

Betta fish should be fed once a day, and we should be careful not to feed them too much so that their bellies do not swell.

Betta fish – preparing the aquarium

The aquarium for Betta fish must be at least 20 litres of water. The environment in which the fish will live can be accessorized with:

Plants: it is advisable to place natural plants in the aquarium to avoid the fish catching their tails and blocking the decoration. You can use dense elongate, carapace, water sword or bamboo. Betta fish will feel better, being surrounded by a natural environment.

Sand or gravel – you can put sand and gravel with a soft, fine texture to not discomfort the fish when swimming. The thickness of the sand layer must be at least 2 cm.

Lighting – you can opt for LED lighting elements for terrariums to beautify the place. The lights in shades of blue, green or purple will highlight the colour of Betta fish.

On the Biotur Shop platform, you will find suitable aquariums for Betta fish. The “Angulo” aquarium has an attractive background, decoration and adapter, does not work with batteries. The intense LED lighting at the bottom will enhance the colours of the fish, making it even more valuable. The aquarium is also ideal for other small fish. This aquarium is suitable for a single fish, but you will also be able to find aquariums with a larger capacity (30 litres, 40 litres) if you plan to buy more fish.
As I mentioned at the beginning, Betta fish are territorial. Thus, this “Siamese fighting fish” should not coexist with other Betta fish, but you can put them with other peaceful fish, especially if you have a giant aquarium.

On the Biotur Shop platform, you will find the products needed to raise Betta fish, as well as other species. Biotur also has items for dogs, cats and farm animals.