Pigeon products – buy the right food and accessories from Biotur

Biotur provides you with pigeon products necessary for any fancier. Here you will find the right food and essential accessories for these birds. If you are a pigeon fancier, meaning a lover of pigeons, you will want to have the best products for them. Those passionate about these birds will give them all the attention they need. Pigeons are susceptible and incredible birds that delight you at first sight. Some people buy pigeons for sport, racing, decoration or even for meat, but regardless of your choice, you need to pay extra attention to their care.

Biotur is a reliable distributor of PET, VET AND DDD products. Our customers are satisfied with the proven promptness, variety of products, and quality.

Pigeon products – essential accessories

Among the essential products for pigeons are accessories. They must be carefully chosen, of good quality and durable. If the pigeons are appropriately raised in a healthy environment, they will also give the expected results in specific competitions. Sure, pigeons are more sensitive and get sick more; that’s why we have to pay more attention to these birds; if we notice that a pigeon has fallen ill, then it is recommended to be separated from the rest of the healthy specimens, in order not to spread the disease and to receive the appropriate treatment.

Pigeons need a special place to live. The area specially arranged for them must always be clean. Also, water and food must be provided at all times.

Biotur offers pigeon breeders quality products, such as the pigeon waterer. It is a removable watering can make of plastic material with a volume of 2 litres.

Pigeons’ access to water is facilitated thanks to this waterer.

Using these waterers prevents the waste of water and its mixing with the feed or feces of the pigeons, thus leading to a hygienic and optimal feeding of the pigeons, avoiding their illness.

Pigeons also need a loft, the place where they will stay. Its construction must be done according to its number, size and temperament. The animal shelter, feeders and waterers must be carefully chosen to give the pigeons a balanced growth.

Pigeon products – food

Among the pigeon products, Biotur offers breeders the right food for their balanced growth. Cereals are an essential part of their diet. They should represent 60-70% of the food. Cereals contain carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, vitamins E, B and carotene. The main grains that should be included in the feed of pigeons are wheat, corn, oats and barley. Also, leguminous grains contribute to the health of pigeons through their high protein and low-fat content. We find peas, lentils, and chickpeas among the legumes consumed by pigeons. The administration of soybeans should be avoided. Let’s not forget that pigeons also need oilseeds (sunflower seeds, rapeseeds, hemp seeds) to intake lipids, proteins, carbohydrates and vitamin A.

Pigeons consume food equal to 10% of their weight, approximately 40 g in several meals daily. During the summer, the pigeons are more physically demanding, so they have to eat about three times a day, at regular times as possible. In winter, the pigeons can only be fed twice a day because they have no chicks and no competitions to participate in. During the breeding season, you need to increase your food ration and consume more protein and lipids. Young pigeons of 5-8 weeks eat large amounts of feed until maturity.

The Energy Plus pigeon food offered by Biotur is designed to give pigeons the energy they need in competitions.

Colombine All-In-One ensures a general state of health thanks to its rich and balanced composition of natural ingredients. Pigeons accept Colombine All-In-One very well, thanks to the tasty seed mix. In addition, Colombine All-In-One is the best remedy for diarrhea in chickens and guarantees shiny plumage and a healthy appearance.

Proper pigeon feed is essential for birds with shiny plumage, eggs and prizes at competitions.

Pigeon products – medicines and food supplements

Biotur provides pigeon breeders with the medicines and food supplements necessary for healthy development. For a healthy bone system and eggshell formation, Biotur recommends VL OROPHARMA CALCI-LUX. Also, complementary feed for pigeons is essential for strengthening the immune system.

Oropharma Herbolan is a herbal drink enriched with spirulina, organic acids and prebiotics. Herbolan improves the condition of the pigeon and supports the immune system. Spirulina is one of the richest food sources on earth. Organic acids provide optimal acidity to the intestine. Prebiotics ensure good intestinal flora and create a good balance between beneficial and harmful intestinal bacteria.

Pigeon products – choose the best from Biotur

Biotur provides high-quality pigeon products to ensure proper living and healthy development. These birds deserve all our attention because they are susceptible and prone to various seasonal diseases and other ailments. Order the accessories, food and nutritional supplements for pigeons from Biotur!