How to choose litter for cats

If you have a small feline around the house, then quality cat litter is also necessary, as well as litter. In today’s article, we will explain how to choose cat litter. The cat will quickly learn to go to the litter box based on the instinct to continually defecate in the same place, already impregnated with its smell. Thus, it will not be a difficult job to teach your cat to litter boxes. But before you start this cat training process, you need a litter box, quality sand and a shovel to clean the place when needed. There are different types of sand on the market, which we will discuss in the following article.

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Types of cat litter

There are different types of cat litter. You have to check which is the best fit for your cat. The litter box must be chosen according to specific characteristics: if it is easy to maintain, if it keeps unpleasant odours, if it contains chemicals or if it is to your cat’s liking because, after all, the little feline will be the one who will use it.

It is well known that cats are among the cleanest animals, so learning to litter boxes will not be a problem. Kittens will go to the litter box quickly, but even an older cat will immediately get used to this defecating method.

Let’s see what types of cat litter are available on the market:

Non-clumping litter – is the most popular type of litter for cats. The excrement left by the cat in the litter box is covered with sand in the form of lumps, making removing it more effortless. You can easily take the excrement and urine collected in the litter box with a shovel that you can purchase from any pet shop. The sand stays clean; if it runs out, you can easily add more sand to top it up. This type of sand is made from high-quality minerals such as bentonite.

On Biotur Shop, you can purchase cat litter from Biocat with the aroma of pine or lavender. It is 100% hygienic and very absorbent. Also, a 100% natural and biodegradable variant is the natural Tofu cat litter type Peleti. It can be flushed down the toilet without any problems, quickly forms lumps and does not produce dust. It also does not stick to the cat’s paws. That way, you won’t have sand all over the house. The product is extracted from soybeans/peas, and the main ingredient is fibre. Being 100% natural and biodegradable, it is safe for animals even if swallowed. It is effortless to use:

– Clean the cat’s litter box and put the natural Tofu litter in a layer of 3-5 cm.

– Remove lumps and solid waste. You can flush them down the toilet or dispose of them properly.

– Complete with the fresh litter until you have a layer of 3-5 cm in the litter again.

Clumping litter – this type of litter can have the following ingredients: silica gel, sawdust, cellulose or rock. It differs from clumping bedding in that it does not clump and absorbs moisture and unpleasant odours. High-quality bedding will keep unpleasant odours at bay for up to 12 days.

Biotur recommends the Silica-gel Figaro premium litter, with the following properties:

Deodorant: FIGARO silica gel sand absorbs and immediately retains the unpleasant odour caused by bacteria in the micropores, eliminating it by evaporation. It also releases a pleasant smell depending on the variety.

Economical: Due to its high absorption power, FIGARO silica gel sand retains more than traditional cat sand, helping you to save more.

Hygienic: Does not allow sticking on cats’ paws; Does not leave marks on carpets, floors and furniture.

Ecological: FIGARO sand does not pollute and is not toxic. The product packaging is 100% recyclable.

Anti-allergic and bacteriostatic – This product is specially designed to protect your and your pet’s health. This product prevents allergic conditions and fights the development of bacteria.

Suppose you want to choose a quality cat litter. In that case, you need to ensure that it has a high capacity to absorb moisture and unpleasant odours, does not leave dust, is made of natural ingredients that do not contain artificial disinfectant, and, if possible, degrades naturally.

Cat litter – choose the high-quality products from Biotur

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