Gestation in dogs

Gestation in dogs – aspects that you must take into account during this period

Gestation in dogs is a period that the owners of the quadrupeds should not neglect. This moment is a wonderful one, especially when you hold a puppy in your arms; they are the cutest. However, the signs of gestation in dogs may not always be obvious. Therefore, we need to pay attention to specific details to know if the female is pregnant.

Fertility in dogs

Fertility in dogs occurs when females reach sexual maturity. This time is different depending on the breed of the dog. For example, small and medium-sized dogs get the fertility period (first menstrual cycle) between 7-12 / 15 months. In the case of large dogs, sexual maturity is reached around the age of 2 years.

Fertility in dogs is characterized by the estrus cycle. This estrus cycle in females represents a fertile period for the dogs when it is time for mating to take place. The dog’s sexual cycle phases are anestrus, proestrus, estrus, and dexterity. Thus, during the prostrate period, the female will have vaginal discharge for about nine days and attract males and vulvar congestion. In estrus, the period after the progester, the puppy is at the highest fertility point, so we must be careful with our pet if we do not want puppies. After this period, ovulation occurs. During this period, gestation in dogs, false lactation or pyometra appears and lasts around 60-90 days. Anestrus is the period of inactivity in terms of procreation for females and lasts 3-4 months.

The first estrus cycle in dogs

The first estrus cycle in dogs usually does not show any visible signs outside. Hormonal changes will occur, but secretions may be delayed. This happens to the following dog breeds: American Staffordshire Terrier, Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, or Dwarf Pincher. In the first cycle period, females may have so-called partial estrus, in which the puppies will not be ready for mating.
The estrus cycle lasts up to 3 weeks. Sometimes males can be violent with females, as some are unprepared for mating. So, try to keep females away from males in the estrus cycle, especially if it is a dog you don’t know. The use of a leash during walks is essential to no altercation between the dogs.

The gestation period in dogs

The gestation period in dogs usually lasts between 58-68 days. Females can become pregnant once every eight months. There are some signs that dog owners should be guided to see if the female is pregnant:
– After a month of mating, a slight discharge of mucus may occur
The veterinarian can determine if the female is pregnant by a blood test that will detect “relaxin”, a hormone detected in dog females who will have puppies. The test can be performed from the 20th day of pregnancy.
– You may notice signs of gestation in the dog females by light palpation of the abdomen. You may see a swollen belly around day 40. Keep in mind that females who are pregnant for the first time or with a small number of chicks may not have such a pronounced belly.
The puppy will gain weight around the 35th day and weigh up to 50% of its average weight.
– The female may vomit a little, but you don’t have to worry. If the problem persists, you can consult your veterinarian.
– After about 30 days, the nipples may be more prominent and darker in color. You may also notice a leak with a semi-clear liquid.

How does the gestation in dogs evolve?

Gestation in dogs lasts about 58-68 days. The female will have a swollen vulva, bloody discharge, and behavioral changes during this period. At first, it may be a little numb and may show a lack of appetite. You will not notice too many signs in the first month of pregnancy, so it is difficult to tell if the female has puppies. The nipples will become more prominent and the abdomen more significant as the pregnancy progresses. Most dog females will exhibit behavioral changes, especially in the last two weeks before birth. The female will look for a quiet, warm place, away from prying eyes to give birth to puppies. She will make a bed give birth to puppies in a comfortable and confident environment. If you are the owner of a pregnant dog, which is about to give birth, you should prepare a space for her to give birth to puppies. Preferably a secluded place.
Embryos begin to take shape at 32 days, during which time the eyelids and face begin to take shape. On the 35th, the puppies’ paws will form, and on the 45th, the fur and bones will start.

Feeding a pregnant dog female

During gestation in dogs, it is recommended that the female eat foods rich in protein, such as chicken, beef, liver, and eggs. In the last weeks of pregnancy, it is good to give him more food than usual (up to twice the amount he usually eats). On the Biotur Shop platform, you can buy premium wet dog food containing all the necessary proteins for a pregnant female.

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