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Food and nutrition for small dogs

The nutrition of small dogs is essential for the healthy development of the pet. We all want the best for our non-speaking friends, but we need to keep a few things in mind regarding the food we choose. Dogs have different needs in terms of food, depending on the following criteria: breed, height, age.

Food and nutrition for small dogs – healthy life of the pet

The nutrition of small dogs takes into account some aspects that we will present in the following. Small dogs weigh a maximum of 9 kg when they reach maturity. Small dog breeds include:
– Bichon
– Jack Russel
– French Bulldog
– Westie
– Yorkshire Terrier
– Chihuahua
– Shih-Tzu
– Lhasa Apso

All these dog breeds need special nutrition and care to have a robust immune system. Small dogs live almost twice as long as large ones. The quadrupeds stress their jaw for longer, so various conditions can occur, such as bleeding gums or cavities. You can avoid these problems that can cause discomfort to your dog by resorting to the right dry food. Depending on the age of the dog animal, the food must be adapted. Thus, it is ideal for a dog up to 6-8 months old to buy soft, easy-to-chew granules. Chickens need a nutrient-rich diet, as they are growing and much more active. Calorie intake should be higher and well-balanced, depending on the age of the animal. Adult dogs need age-appropriate granules.

It is recommended to feed the adult dog three times a day for better digestion. Also, to determine the ideal amount of food to give your dog, you can use a formula discovered by nutritionists, “Resting Energy Requirements” (R.E.R.).

R.E.R formula: dog weight in kilograms x 30 + 70 = number of recommended daily kilocalories.
The diet of small dogs may include foods such as:
– Beef
– Over
– Boiled eggs
– Boiled rice or barley
– Watermelon, apple, blueberry, blackberry
– Raw or cooked vegetables: carrots, parsnips, bell peppers, cucumbers, green beans
– Boiled beef organs
– Simple biscuits, toast
Small dogs have a high energy intake. Thus, their diet should be rich in vitamins and nutrients. Some ingredients that are rich in amino acids are egg, chicken, and fish.

Also, small dogs that will not exceed 10 kg at maturity can start eating dry food for adults from 6-9 months.

A small dog that is very active needs more calories than a dog that gets moderate exercise, such as leisurely walks. However, a dog’s activity level is also determined by its breed. Many tiny dog breeds are known for their high level of activity. Terriers, such as the Jack Russell, are noted for their quickness and may consume up to 30% more calories than dogs of comparable size.

Small dogs, on the other hand, are particularly prone to obesity. Overweight small breeds are especially problematic owing to hereditary abnormalities in these breeds, such as patellar luxation or a loose kneecap in the rear limbs, which can be unpleasant.

Dietary changes for dental health

Smaller dogs are likewise more likely to have dental problems. If left untreated, oral disorders such as plaque accumulation can lead to more severe health concerns. Dry, crunchy food should be a part of your tiny dog’s diet to help minimize plaque and tartar accumulation. However, keep in mind that these possible advantages need your dog to crush it, so if your dog is a “gulper” or “inhaler,” these benefits may be irrelevant. Cleaning your teeth regularly is always a good idea.

How do we know what the best diet for our dog is?

Dry food or wet food? There are many types of food on the market, and sometimes we do not know which is the right choice for our pet. The owner of the quadruped must provide adequate nutrition for his dog to ensure the nutritional intake he needs to develop harmoniously. Each animal is unique, so the food we give must be personalized. We must take into account race, age, physical activity, and possible health problems. If our pet does not consume enough water, we can introduce more moist food into its diet.
Feeding small dogs – forbidden foods
The diet of small dogs must be diversified, but we must keep in mind that not all foods are beneficial for our non-speaking friends. Thus, it is advisable to avoid the consumption of the following ingredients by your dog:
– Raw eggs
– Chocolate
– Garlic or onion
– Dairy products
– Tomatoes
– Macadamia nuts (5-6 pieces can be fatal)
– Fresh bread
– Sausages
– Foods that contain a surface sweetener
– Coffee
– Apple seeds
– Cabbage
– Pieces of fat

Dogs are greedy and would eat anything, but we must be careful what our pet eats. Certain foods can cause vomiting, diarrhea, dermatitis, seizures, heart failure, heart rhythm disorders, pancreatitis, irritation, or other problems. If we want a healthy dog ​​with a high energy level, a shiny coat, and optimal muscle tone, we must give importance to the nutrition of the quadruped.

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