Tendințe în industria pet food

Pet food industry trends to the year 2024

The pet food industry is constantly growing; we are convinced 2024 will be no exception. According to a study by Euromonitor International, the global pet food market will reach $103.6 billion in 2024. This is mainly due to the increase in the number of households with pets and the growing concerns of pet owners for the health and welfare of their pets.

This only makes us happy because, as friends of our page already know, our motto is “Importing and distributing animal welfare since 1996”. And we will continue to do so from now on.

Growing popularity of customized pet food

Pet owners are increasingly interested in providing their pets with a diet that meets their needs. This is mainly due to the increased awareness of the importance of a healthy diet for pets.

There are several ways that pet owners can customize their pet’s diet. One way is to choose foods created in specific formulas to meet the animal’s needs, such as age, breed, activity level or health status.

Another way is to mix and match different pet foods to create a diet that meets your pet’s individual needs. For example, small dogs’ diet differs from larger breeds. Likewise, a particular breed of dog differs from the diet of other breeds.

Personalizing pet nutrition is one of the trends of 2024, and Biotur is aware of this and offers a variety of products for your pet’s nutrition.

Growing demand for healthy pet food

Pet owners are increasingly aware of the importance of a healthy diet. This is mainly due to the increased awareness of the link between nutrition and the pet’s overall health.

There are several ways that pet food can be considered healthy. We say that food is healthy when it is rich in nutrients such as protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, healthy foods are free of artificial ingredients such as preservatives, colors and flavors.

Whether we’re talking about dog food or cat food, Biotur welcomes pet owners and offers a variety of healthy products that contribute to the good mood of your pet and the level of involvement of the owner in the animal’s well-being.

Growing demand for sustainable pet products

Pet owners are increasingly concerned about their choices’ impact on the environment. This is mainly due to the increasing visibility of environmental issues such as climate change and pollution.

In terms of products, as cat lovers, for example, do we choose a plastic litter box or a stainless steel one that lasts a lifetime and doesn’t pollute as much as plastic? Do we buy plastic toys or cork toys, for example? The choice we make today as animal lovers impacts the planet for generations. And if we love animals, we certainly love the planet.

On the other hand, there are several ways that pet food can be considered sustainable. One way is to produce sustainably, using efficient resources and avoiding waste, which means selecting producers. Or to use sustainable ingredients, such as local ingredients or products from regenerative agriculture.

No matter our choices, we should prioritize sustainability or manufacturers who have introduced a sustainability process in the production and distribution chain.

Growing demand for pet care technology

As we learned in a previous article, pet owners are increasingly interested in using technology to care for their pets. Increasing access to technology and the desire to find new and innovative ways to care for pets influence these decisions.

We couldn’t get through this chapter without talking about artificial intelligence. It helps veterinary practices to offer everything from investigations, diagnostic identification, treatments and even personalized nutrition plans based on the animal’s breed, size and personality.

The above trends will continue to influence the pet food industry for years. The pet food and toy manufacturers who manage to adapt to these trends will be the ones who will be successful in this field.