gândaci de bucătărie

Kitchen bugs – get rid of them with Foval from Biotur now in a new form

Do you have problems with kitchen bugs and do not know how to get rid of them? Biotur helps you with an efficient and quality product, now in a new form. Foval is an insecticide gel perfect for removing unwanted insects in your home. It is easy to use and has maximum efficiency. Many people, especially those living in blocks of flats, face the problem of bugs. They can be found all year round, regardless of the season. Most of the time, kitchen bugs appear at night, making us scared of them if we go to the kitchen in the middle of the night.

To control kitchen bugs, there are different solutions with concentrated insecticides, which can be applied by spraying or with the help of a syringe, as is the case of the Foval product offered by Biotur.

Kitchen bugs can be a danger to the health of those living in an infested apartment. Bugs spread microbes and bacteria on all objects when walking through the kitchen. It is possible that we do not notice their presence, and the mass they walk on can be a natural source of infection.

Cleanliness should be maintained to keep bugs away from your home, leaving no crumbs or food scraps out of the bugs’ reach. They will immediately be attracted by garbage that has not been taken to the dump or an uncovered water leak. Also, kitchen bugs can enter the house through holes in the door frame, window frames or pipes. Therefore, blocking all possible bug entries is essential to avoid a potential invasion problem.

Kitchen bugs – why are they attracted to a particular home?

Most of the time, kitchen bugs are attracted to dirty places. Therefore, it is essential not to leave a mess behind us, so there is no risk of a beetle coming and finding a good source of food in your home.

Kitchen bugs are attracted to heat sources but also wet ones. Where could bugs appear?

– Dirty dishes in the kitchen

– Bowls with pet food

– The places in the house where the humidity is high, especially in the areas where mould is formed

– Isolated places under the furniture, where food scraps can be collected

– Tin boxes or containers with leftover food

– Garbage left in the wrong places

Kitchen bugs can quickly enter a home to reach the places shown above. If there are cracks or gaps, vents or open windows or doors, bugs can soon join the house.

To avoid problems with bugs, it is advisable not to leave dirty dishes in the kitchen. It also always cleans the crumbs on the table and leftover food. Always clean the grease from the stove, and the food must always be stored in containers with lids, which you put in the fridge or cupboards. Also, clean floors with unique antibacterial solutions to ensure everything is disinfected.

Biotur presents a product that will help you get rid of kitchen bugs and prevent their return.

Kitchen bugs – get rid of them with Foval

Kitchen bugs can be a big problem for those living in the apartment. Biotur Shop comes to the aid of all those who face this problem. The solution offered by Biotur is Foval, a gel insecticide with a new form of presentation: the 20g syringe.

It is appetizing and with great power of attraction, thus guaranteeing maximum efficiency in combating kitchen bugs. The product can be used for pest control in homes, cinemas, schools, hospitals, barracks, bars, restaurants, hotels, campsites, trains, ships, aircraft, warehouses, and the food industry.

The first bugs die in the following hours after ingestion, which, as far as possible, will have to be left in the same place because beetle species feed on the excrement of their fellows or the corpses of the dead, creating a “cascade” effect that extends the activity of FOVAL GEL – bugs. Treat locally, in places where pests are present more precisely in hard-to-reach places such as inside household appliances and electronic appliances (refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, computers, CD players, electrical installations), in areas hot and humid (bathrooms, kitchens, sinks, water pipes, ovens, waste collection points, etc.) as well as in dark places, where there are cracks in the wall or floor.

Biotur Shop has quality products VET, PET and DDD (Disinsection, disinfection, rodent control) for veterinary pharmacies or service providers (third parties contracted to disinsect a block staircase, disinfect a hospital, disinsect a city, etc.).