Aquarium fish – care tips

In today’s article, suppose you have aquarium fish but are unfamiliar with the care methods. In that case, we will explain how to have healthy fish and a properly maintained environment for their health.

Having an aquarium in your home is a beautiful thing that beautifies the look of your home. Also, just like a pet, fish need certain medications or conditions to ensure they live a healthy and long life. Those who have an aquarium want to have different species of fish, as brightly coloured as possible, that coexist together. However, there are some cases when you cannot put more species of fish in the same environment, such as betta fish, which are territorial and cannot coexist with other betta fish. Still, there is no problem bringing fish species into the aquarium peacefully. We will discuss all these details about the combination of fish species in the same aquatic environment and other aspects related to aquarium maintenance in the following.

Aquarium fish – how we choose the right ones

There are many species of aquarium fish that you can purchase. The most sought-after species are:

– The Betta fishes

– Harlequin fish

– The tiger fishes

– The zebra fishes

– The scalar fish

It is ideal not to buy all the fish at once, as the beneficial bacteria will not be able to cope with the large amount of waste the fish will eliminate. You can start with five fish in the aquarium in one week. When buying a fish, you need to make sure of the size it will grow to when it reaches maturity, the acceptable temperature range and pH of the water, and the species of fish it is compatible with.

As for the food of the aquarium fish, the Biotur platform provides you with quality food, which ensures the healthy development of the fish. SUPERVIT MINI GRANULATED is a complete feed in the form of small granules, easily submersible, for feeding all categories of small fish and crustaceans.

Nutritional and energy needs are met by a rich formula based on several carefully selected ingredients of the best quality, including crustaceans, molluscs and algae.

The immune system of fish and crustaceans is strengthened by beta-glucan and stabilized vitamin C.

Aquarium fish – aquarium care

Aquarium fish need a suitable environment; if you are new to taking care of an aquarium, you don’t have to panic. The field of aquariums should not scare you because it is not impossible to maintain such a terrarium properly.

Aquarium fish – how do we choose water?

The water for aquarium fish does not have to be any water, which you can collect from the rain or the well, as it may contain certain harmful substances, and the variations in water parameters can be substantial.

Tap water can be used, but a water purifier and starter bacteria must also be installed. The water may contain chlorine, copper or other substances harmful to fish, so a water filter is mandatory.

Another important aspect is the regular checking of water values. Over time, due to biological transformation processes, fish excrement and the activity of microorganisms, unwanted substances accumulate in the water and can harm the aquarium and its inhabitants. Therefore, these water values ​​should be checked to ensure they fall within the expected parameters.

After the values ​​correspond (pH between 6.5 and 8.5, as well as nitrite and ammonia weight close to 0 mg/l), only then can you start populating the aquarium with fish. The aquarium is populated with fish after three weeks, as only then are the filter bacteria vital for the aquatic environment formed.

The water must be changed periodically, or its partial replacement must be carried out. The small biotope created by you at home must be constantly controlled, as it does not regulate itself as it does in nature.

Aquarium fish – aquarium filter system

If you have an aquarium, you automatically need a filtration system. Because fish droppings, food scraps and dead plants can accumulate over time, all will harm the fish in the aquarium.

There are both indoor and outdoor filters. The filter is chosen according to the dimensions, respectively, and the volume of the aquarium. If you have a small aquarium, an internal filter is sufficient, which must be cleaned from time to time.

Cleaning the filter can be done yourself without needing a specialist.

Biotur offers you the NEWA COBRA CF 75 multifunctional internal filter WITH SURFACE SKIMMER 250L/h, MAX 75L. The NEWA COBRA internal filter is a submersible filter designed for indoor use.

Aquarium fish – aquarium lighting

Aquarium fish also need a proper lighting system. Light plays a significant role, especially in freshwater aquariums, contributing to the harmonious development of the small biotope. Through the process of photosynthesis, under the influence of light, plants break down carbon dioxide from water into carbohydrates and sugar, the main components of the plant. It also produces oxygen for fish and other animal organisms in the aquarium.

On the Biotur Shop platform, you have different models of lighting sources for aquariums at your disposal, which will render an appropriate and attractive colour spectrum.

The LED BLACK lamp was built for aquarium lighting, with sufficient light for planted aquariums, satisfying the spectral demands necessary for the proliferation of aquatic plants. Optimum lighting is guaranteed using this aquarium lamp.

It emits considerably less heat than an energy-saving light bulb and has a much longer life.

Aquarium fish – plants

The plants you choose for your aquarium are also important because you need to create a suitable space, and the fish need to feel as comfortable as possible.

Also, before putting the plants in the aquarium, you must put a substrate. It is placed on the bottom of the aquarium and plays an essential role in the development of plants. It must have a thickness of 7 cm, so the roots of the plants can develop freely. You can use sand, gravel or peat covered with sand. Using only sand or excellent gravel is not advisable, as there may be a risk of suffocation of the plant roots, and the residues with a nutrient role will not have access.

On Biotur, you have a variety of sands at your disposal, such as WHITE-BLACK FLAMINGO ACV SAND. It can be used with gravel and does not influence or change the water parameters.

Aquarium fish – heater

The heater also plays a vital role in an aquarium because it helps to maintain an ideal temperature for fish and plants. The temperature should be between 23 and 26°C.

The Newa Preset 25°C NTT Quartz Tube Heater is an automatic, submersible heater for only use in aquariums and indoor terrariums.

The tube is made of quartz and is exceptionally resistant to thermal shocks.

The Newa Preset 25°C NTT quartz tube heater includes an automatic reset thermal cut-out and an electronic thermostat set at 25°C ±1°.

Aquarium fish – the Biotur platform is at your disposal with the best products

Aquarium fish need special care to ensure their harmonious development. The Biotur platform provides you with everything related to their care, from aquariums, and food, to filters and air pumps. Biotur is also at your disposal with articles for dogs, cats and farm animals.