Sfaturi pentru îngrijirea păsărilor de apartament iarna

Tips for caring for apartment birds in winter

Winter can be a beautiful time to enjoy the company of your pet birds, but it’s essential to be prepared for the cold season. By following these simple tips, you can help your birds get through the winter safely and comfortably.

1. Make sure your birds have a warm and comfortable place

Apartment birds are more sensitive to cold than wild birds. Giving them a warm and cozy place to hide from the cold is essential.

Suitable solutions:

• Your bird’s cage should be located in a warm place away from drafts.
• You Heat the cage with an infrared lamp or an electric blanket.
• Make sure the cage has a source of fresh water that doesn’t freeze.


2. Make sure your birds have a balanced diet

In cold weather, birds need quality food to keep warm. Make sure you feed them a balanced diet that includes a variety of fresh, healthy foods.

Suitable solutions:

• Offer your birds a variety of fresh seeds, fruits and vegetables.


• You can also add a protein source such as poultry or fish.

3. Protect your birds from ice and snow

Apartment birds are not adapted to live in the cold. If you have to move your bird’s cage outside, make sure that if it’s cold outside, you move it out on short notice.

Suitable solutions:

• Avoid taking birds outside in very cold or wet weather.
• If you must take the birds outside, cover them with a pet blanket or coat.
• Make sure your birds have access to fresh water to hydrate.

4. Make sure your birds are healthy

Before winter starts, take your birds for a vet check-up to ensure they are healthy.

What you should pay attention to:

• Check their plumage to make sure there are no injuries or infections.
• Check their eyes to ensure they are clear and discharge-free.
• Check their ears to ensure they are clean and infection-free.

5. Make sure your birds get enough activity

Apartment birds need plenty of activity to stay healthy and happy. Be sure to provide them with various bird toys and activities to keep them occupied.

Suitable solutions:

• Give your birds a variety of toys, such as toys to climb on, play with, or hide from.

• Let the birds fly around the room to relax.

Following these tips can help your pet birds get through the winter safely and comfortably.